Octane Fitness xR4x Elliptical Trainer


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  • The unique XR4 accommodates exercisers who want to really challenge themselves, as well as those who prefer a leisurely ride, effectively burning calories while seated comfortably. 20 resistance levels
  • Built for rock-solid, long-lasting performance, octane elliptical are tough enough for health clubs worldwide, but provide the same great workout and results in the comfort of your home
  • Power stroke technology facilitates optimal leg extension, which burns up to 23% more calories and activates up to 3x more muscles than a recumbent bike
  • This is the most effective workout you can get while sitting down, because it is a total-body regimen that produces greater caloric expenditure
  • Hit training can be easily added to any program by selecting a workout Booster on the console so you burn more calories and see results faster



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