Q: Why do you not offer any free sessions?
A: The portals and services that I offer to you online would cost you over 300.00 just for the fitness evaluation, as well as, 1 – 30 – minute session, starting at 50.00 per individual. I have and will continue to go to great lengths to offer the many incentives you see here, including a Free, 30 – Day, Travel Membership, (while they last), simply for everyone going through the interview process.


Q: I have never participated in an online exercise program before, what will it be like?
A: If you have ever looked at a video and learned to dance, to cook, to sew, you are doing the same thing here, you can review the training over and over until it becomes second nature to you.


Q: What if I decide that I want to pay the entire 6 – month plan, in full, in advance, will I save any money?
A: Absolutely, each client can have this addressed individually, simply state what your intentions are and we will make the savings cost available to you immediately.


Q: What if I do not have internet access to use this online program?
A: In the rare event that you do not have internet access, this may mean that you cannot participate in the online program. In some instances, I still provide one on one training, but is few and far between using the technology that exist today. In the future, I may create a video series that can be purchased for you to enjoy.


Q: Who do I contact if I have a refund or customer service questions?
A: You will be able to send a message to and can expect a response within
48 hours.