The information contained on this website is not intended to be a claim or substitution to cure, mitigate, eliminate, or reduce any medical problem you may be experiencing.  Your agreement to participate in any fitness activity should include having a complete medical exam conducted by your own health professional, and is an absolute requirement for participating in any form of exercise with the RGT FITNESS TRAINING COMPANY.  You are also required to have a signed Consent & Waiver form on file with this company as a part of the agreement to participate in any of our fitness programs.  We reserve the right to completely cancel any member’s profile that does not comply with these guidelines with our company at any time.

We also make no “guarantee” to create a weight loss or body mass reduction as we also realize it is our intent to help create “lifestyle changes,” in the client’s day to day living and know; each person may not comply with the guidelines that come with this 6 – month, 3 – day, per week training program.  It is our intent to provide the most realistic training and suggestion for each client and we will work diligently to do so.  In the event the client is not happy with the program that they select, we will also work to ensure a viable means to make each party as complete as possible within the agreement time – period.  As a measure of good faith, each client will have 1 – full month of 3 – day sessions, (12 sessions) to have full use and access of all the components related to their selected program in which they may request in writing only, a partial refund of fees.

After this full month, (12 sessions) has expired, we cannot agree to provide a full refund as it will cause a loss for the company.  We will make it our every effort to refund you with what we deem a reasonable portion of any funds that may be do, but do not guarantee this to be the absolute normal turn around.  Please take 48 hours to ensure you are aware of all areas of the program and ensure your question list is completely satisfied when making an agreement to work with us.  We thank you in advance for your time, selection, and consideration to become a member of our program.