Webster’s dictionary defines consistent as; marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity.

Our definition and application of or for being consistent in our lives is largely dependent upon what we desire to accomplish, participate in, be known for, and maybe even for who we hang out with.

Let’s dedicate this month of February to be consistent in our lives to take the very best care of ourselves and those we love, whether we have a family or not. There are many boxes of chocolate sold for many dollars, along with a lot of other items to show affection and attention for Valentine’s Day, I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate and attention?

Nonetheless, my point is this coincides with what I spoke about last month, why so much emphasis on one particular day, month, special time of the year, and commitment to that particular time? This is indeed where our focus is, this particular moment and time matters most.

My intent is to help us to focus on a consistent year of you, family, organizations, churches, schools, teams, etc. Although the season may be upcoming, just passed, or around the corner before it starts, I humbly believe, if we move past the norm of this is the only time that I need to pay this some attention, then I will get the most done, is a real tragedy. Think of all the time that passes by, before you apply yourself to something really, truly important, yet, we go to a job we may really dislike every day.

What is consistent in your life now and how often is it addressed? This could be one of the biggest breakthrough moments in our lives, being consistent all year long and journaling the specifics of the year from start to finish. Some of us a consistent moment in time from being some of the most accomplished individuals in life, if we change this and add that, if we start this and stop that, and yes, even if we remove this negative person and situation from our lives and concentrate on what it would mean to have a little piece of mind and tranquility for a change.

No one knows better than GOD and you what you need most, the question is a resounding, will you be more consistent tomorrow, next week, month, this year, or not? The answer is; if you are not, whose fault is it for the same outcome you make complaints about year round while you refuse to make a change?

Challenge yourself one day at a time, write it down, and see what a week’s worth of review can do for you.

Coach RGT



  1. entrepreneur

    Great advice. This year i’m looking for results!

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