Sound familiar, this is it, I have decided to do this, do that, make sure that I am not this or that, I have made my plans already, and then, before we know it, we are running the same rat race we ran last year. Our stress, work, traffic, late, sick, unplanned for life events, and more, explode all over the place and it’s not even the 3rd week of January yet.

So, what is the real problem, and what is the solution? I don’t know, if I knew that, I wouldn’t keep making this circle each year. Well. In fact, we very well may know, but never, really, truly, sat down and took a serious look at the issues that plague us year in and year out. So, “Before We Lie Again,” let’s dissect this situation with a clear and level thought process.

  1. Why Do We Wait For A Certain Holiday or Season To Identify Shortcomings
  2. What Are My Chances of Changing After All This Time
  3. I Have Not Been Successful Yet
  4. Why Is This Is So Hard For Me To Do
  5. The Clock Is Still Ticking

These are just 5 areas that we will address, you can make your list, and check it twice hereafter, but I caution you, be true to yourself and watch what happens next.

So, “why do we wait for a holiday or season, to identify shortcomings? Potentially, we don’t want to be singled out as the person who is a “procrastinator,” the one who never accomplishes his or her tasks in front of or around our peers. We want to be in the know and the in crowd just as much as the other person, be able to have the great outward appearance and all the while, wearing a mask of depression underneath.

“What are my chances of changing after all this time?” The real truth could be, the answer lies within you, do you see the need, is there some underlying medical issue that exists, when was your last physical exam, what are your current stress levels and why? Have you and are you willing to make changes, if so, when, are you willing to be accountable for your actions, and most importantly, are you open to accepting the truth, and doing something about it?

“Success comes with a price, commitment, way of life, and desire to move when most people will sit still and stew on things for decades. What is your resolve, and how important is this particular thing, idea, internal drive, or ambition, to me? Do you have the intestinal fortitude to break through, or are you just adding more words and less action toward the changes you speak of and seek out. You see, “a lot of people want, and don’t want to do what it takes to get what they want.”

“Why is this so hard to do,” nothing is going to happen without you making a change, and time will not stop because we purpose to be a “diva or big baller,” what about asking “what else to do I need to do, and why do I always quit” Some people are not leaders, they will always be followers, and are easily manipulated and distracted. There is nothing there to remind them of what they want, and they are driven to pieces by doing the same thing for the rest of their lives. Maybe if we stop dwelling and replaying the question, and do something needed to start changing, we could accomplish what; “anything.”

The clock is always ticking, we are not the first to say what we are planning to do and don’t do it, it has long been called “procrastination.” The longer we wait, the harder the change becomes, and the greater the possibility of someone else moves past you. How much time will we allow to continue to pass us by before we make a change is a roll up for all 5 of these questions.

Coach RGT



  1. entrepreneur

    Great advice, and helpful in choosing the right diet plan for me.

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