Who Am I & Why Should You Trust Me?
It is my pleasure to share with you a little about my passion and excitement about being in the health, fitness, and wellness industry for over 30 years of my life. I firmly believe and have very little doubt that the LORD placed me on this earth to encourage and teach others about how great this one body we have been given really is. Like some of you, during my younger years of life, I participated in many sports, even playing with seniors in high school to adults. My first responsibility of teaching and conducting an organized training session was in the late 70’s while in Korea, as a soldier. From that moment, I knew that would be the growth spurt to pursue this desire of self – care and the best quality of life possible for me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love oatmeal raisin, walnut cookies, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream with a vengeance. I was obsessed with eating a large bag of Dorito’s and drinking a quart of Apple Juice every night, and I am now 100 pounds heavier now than I have ever been in my life.

I know what it is like to be under 100 pounds until my second day of high school, to being able to complete a 2 – mile run with my personal best of 10:45 seconds, and slowest time, 14:30 seconds, to enjoy running and working out 6 – days per week, to doing very little cardio work and focusing on gaining weight to see how my body would handle it in the future. My most sincere appreciation for this industry came after becoming a Drill Instructor and teaching and training thousands of young men and women to become professional soldiers in the U. S. Army.

I have held many certifications over these years and continue to pursue those that I focus on to this day for kids to active adults. I realize I can’t be everything for everyone, but I know without fail, I am committed to helping you understand how very important self – care will lead to the quality of life you and I have as we age. I am a firm believer in and will continue to share with those willing to listen; the quality of life we enjoy or suffer in our adult lives is very dependent upon how well or not so well, we invest in our health.

I look forward to earning your trust, whether children or adults, to help you find a movement concept that you love to participate in and that will help you along the path that you travel in this health, fitness, and wellness arena. My greater desire is to see you, see the “improved you.” Thank you so much in advance, I look forward to getting you started or restarted, moving each day toward you dreams and goals.

Hello to you and thank you for taking a moment to stop and review my website. I am excited to share my 30 plus years of hands on and academic experiences of working with kids to active adults with you. This site is a long time coming and is indeed the beginning of my dream to provide a bi – weekly and monthly, online, interactive, method of helping you on your fitness journey as an individual, group, family, or corporate entity for kids to active adults.

I believe in taking care of this “one,” entire mind, body, soul, strength, we each have been given to be responsible for and give an account for; at the same time, presenting you with an effective, individual based, workout, no matter what size the group involved. Despite what may or may not be the normal approach, we cannot continue to treat our bodies with a certain or special time of the year, or last minute, emergency situation mode, to get it to respond. Our entire body needs continuous care, movement, and flexibility, to maintain its optimal performance levels. When we experience any form of viruses, illness, we have built in systems that alert us to a potential problem. It is only when we address, not ignore, these problems and make changes in our lives that we can strengthen our healthy, cellular reproduction. When we fail to address these symptoms, this may be one cause of the break down and illnesses we experience in our bodies and immune system.

So, why should you trust me to help you on this journey? I have been blessed to be a speaker, health, wellness, fitness, consultant for over 30 years. I have now, and have held multiple certifications, and I am constantly improving and adding more training and skills as you read this information. I truly believe GOD put me on this earth to be involved in this arena, and I enjoy what I do very much.

To consult with and make 6 – month, covenant agreements with individuals, families, churches, schools, or organizations, to help introduce, create, and implement, and build upon simple, effective “5 – 60 fitness, move now programs,” based on the participants current capabilities, achievements, testing, analysis, self – evaluations, self – care emphasis, education and application, that ensure future implementation of a 360 degree total health & wellness input, and future lifestyle changes.

To utilize multiple forms of social media, face to face appointments, scheduled, interactive, presentations, individual, and group consults, to help build, maintain, and organize a comprehensive and active audience, that participates in a 3 – day, 30 minute, version of “5 – 60 fitness” movement module that is sufficient to their needs to prioritize “health,” as a necessary and scheduled event in their lives on a consistent basis.

Some of my hands on and academic experiences include but, will never be limited to;

  • Certified Mindset Specialist – Level 1
  • Online Fitness Trainer
  • U. S. Army Drill Instructor – Retired
  • U. S. Army Master Fitness Instructor – Retired
  • Certified Fitness Chef
  • Certified Wellness Consultant
  • Dr Berg – Health Coach Graduate & Consultant
  • Certified – CPR/1ST AID/ AED
  • Asst. Physical Therapy – 50 plus hours


Welcome to RGT Fitness

Hello Everyone,
This site is specifically being designed for kids to active adults. I want to personally take a moment and welcome each one of you for stopping by to visit my website while you take this health, wellness, and fitness, journey.

I am working diligently, using all of my past, present, and completing future studies to bring you reliable, proven, and sound, information that will support you in every meaningful way. I look forward to hearing about your future success stories.

Welcome and thank you to everyone again.
Reginald (Reggie) Graham – Teal
RGT Fitness
Coach RGT


My life and business mantra are addressed in these 2 scripture references; it is my desire to provide you a continuous reference of inspiration to build upon and use throughout your lives and environment. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you that which I truly believe I am placed on this earth for in this health, fitness, and wellness arena.

But, be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

Proverbs 16:3 KJV
Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy plans shall be established.

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In all my fitness quest and female body building competition, the infinite things that I was not able to see, were quickly identified concerning my workouts, stress levels, workout intensity, nutrition, sleep and recovery were made clear and corrected with meaningful and significantly visible results. After revamping my routines, improving on proper form and execution of exercises, time management, sleep patterns, and redefining my goals, my training got me many 1st and 2nd place finishes. Sorry I did not seek turning professional, but truly thankful for my many success stories.

J – Maryland

August 9, 2016


Getting Started
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  • A 30 minutes session
  • Learn to execute a workout based upon exertion levels and intensity
  • Utilize a variety of tools
  • Body weight
  • Cardio drills
  • High intensity training
  • Rapid fire movements and weights
  • Monthly cost 29.99
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  • Up to 30 minutes session
  • Include current fitness capabilities and past accomplishments
  • Members are a family, husband and wife, 2 siblings, father and child or mother and child
  • Time and team work, dual exercises, partner exercises, and competition
  • Family may be a beginner, experienced, or more
  • Body weight and weight bearing exercises not exceeding additional 45 pounds
  • Monthly cost 24.99 for 4 people
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  • A 30 minutes session
  • establishing an exercise platform
  • basic exercise movements
  • force heavy breathing
  • building up a sweat using a variety of exercises
  • use of body weight and some light weights not to exceed 45 pounds
  • Monthly cost 19.99
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  • A 15–30 minutes session
  • Introductory capabilities
  • Form of exercising
  • Increasing range of motion and stretching
  • Maintaining a sleep and nutrition intake diary
  • Commitment of daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals
  • Upgrade after Free Trial to keep Membership!
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