Welcome to RGT Fitness! I bring you over 35 years of academic and hands on experiences in the health, wellness, and fitness arena. RGT Fitness is a by interview, agreement, and members only fitness training program, presented to our potential clients for a time – period of 6 – months.

I do not take your desire for improving your health for granted and thank you in advance for the possibility of helping you “move” from beginner to active engagement in your life. Using the many avenues of modern technology, I look forward to presenting ideas that you can use to be successful year – round in your wellness journey.

Thank you for your consideration,
Coach RGT


To utilize my past, present, and future years of academic, hands on experience, to provide the individual client a 6 – month, 3 – day per week, fitness training plan that ensures a variety of training platforms that may potentially help breakthrough the number of pitfalls and attempts made in the past for dieting, that leads to taking the very best self – care possible for each of them.


To utilize the multiple portals of technology such as pre – recorded, live video, and virtual reality fitness training that allows 24/7 access for each individual client that is specifically crafted for their current capabilities and desires to meet and exceed future goals that can be successfully accomplished 1 – day, week, month, and year at a time, while making lifestyle changes during and after this fitness journey.


Welcome to RGT Fitness

This fitness site has been designed for kids to active adults. I want to personally take a moment and thank each one of you for stopping by to visit my website while you take this health, wellness, and fitness, journey.

I am working diligently, using all of my past, present, and completing future studies to bring you reliable, proven, and sound, information that will support you in every meaningful way. I look forward to hearing about your future success stories.

Reginald (Reggie) Graham – Teal
RGT Fitness
Coach RGT


It is my desire to provide you a continuous reference of inspiration to build upon and use throughout your lives and environment. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you that which I truly believe I am placed on this earth for in this health, fitness, and wellness arena.


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In all my fitness quest and female body building competition, the infinite things that I was not able to see, were quickly identified concerning my workouts, stress levels, workout intensity, nutrition, sleep and recovery were made clear and corrected with meaningful and significantly visible results. After revamping my routines, improving on proper form and execution of exercises, time management, sleep patterns, and redefining my goals, my training got me many 1st and 2nd place finishes. Sorry I did not seek turning professional, but truly thankful for my many success stories.

J – Maryland

August 9, 2016


Getting Started
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Memberships Are Invitation Only!

  • A 30 minutes session
  • Learn to execute a workout based upon exertion levels and intensity
  • Utilize a variety of tools
  • Body weight
  • Cardio drills
  • High intensity training
  • Rapid fire movements and weights
  • Monthly cost 29.99
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  • Up to 30 minutes session
  • Include current fitness capabilities and past accomplishments
  • Members are a family, husband and wife, 2 siblings, father and child or mother and child
  • Time and team work, dual exercises, partner exercises, and competition
  • Family may be a beginner, experienced, or more
  • Body weight and weight bearing exercises not exceeding additional 45 pounds
  • Monthly cost 24.99 for 4 people
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  • A 30 minutes session
  • establishing an exercise platform
  • basic exercise movements
  • force heavy breathing
  • building up a sweat using a variety of exercises
  • use of body weight and some light weights not to exceed 45 pounds
  • Monthly cost 19.99
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  • 7- 15 minute sessions
  • Introductory capabilities
  • Form of exercising
  • Increasing range of motion and stretching
  • Maintaining a sleep and nutrition intake diary
  • Commitment of daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals
  • Contact us to upgrade after Free Trial to keep Membership!
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